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   With With Magic Geometry Workshop, you can comprehend geometry through experimental approach, or you can create geometry education materials yourself.

Here is introductory trial demo. Try and use the workshop, by dragging or clicking and you will see the geometry figures will be changed according to the geometris rules!

Here is some entry demoes!

(Try more of the Sample Demoes below!)

Your geometric concepts are presented in the form of Magic Geometry workshop and you can send to your remote friends by e-mail.

    Sample Magic Geometry Workshop application objects are shown below.

Feel free to use the below the geometric materials.


Inscribed Quad-

Inscribed Quad-

the Pythagorean

midpoint connec

Angles at center
and circumference

Chord and tangent

tangent line

Parallel translation

Line symmetry

Here is the evaluation version for download. It allows you to use the soft for a while; however, if you register as an official user,you can turn this evaluation version to the full version and you will be able to make internet geometry objects like the demonstration objects. We look forward your official user registration.

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Here is another geometry learning tool!
Magic Geometry Canvas

It sharpen geometric insights through the oriental puzzle games!

Magic Math Kingdom is the joyful math learning tool for K12 children and it applies the Magic Geometry Workshop technologies.

( Magic Geometry World)