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Nippon Educational Software Laboratory(NES) is the trade name used by Structured Method Japan KK.(SMJ) in the field of educational market. SMJ has been the maker of commercial software since 1984.
In the beginning stage, SMJ offered the service to make computer control softwares for factories, power plants, steel companies, railway companies, etc. Then, in 1990's, SMJ started making educational softwares for the schools.In the early stage of making educational softwares, SMJ developped the unique engine software which act similar to Macintosh's Hypercard but run on the windows. Most of SMJ's educational softwares have been developpedon the base of this engine software.

SMJ has developped over 20 educational packages as its originals. These softwares covers the fields of geography(GIS), math, history, environment and global educations.

Other than math soft, the most of them still are not globalized yet and they are the Japanese language softwares. We welcome the debentures partners in our globalization project.


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